Topics: Zettelkasten - Note-taking - Perfectionism

I often fall into the trap of wanting to perfect a given note before formally considering it a part of my Zettelkasten.

Not only does this harm productivity (Productivity is Doing the Right Things in the Right Amounts of Time), but more importantly, it defeats two of the guiding principles of a Zettelkasten: A Zettelkasten is a Journey, Not a Destination and Notes in a Zettelkasten Have No Finished State.

If a note is “perfect” from the get-go, then what is there to tend? What is there to add, to change, to improve upon?

Wanting to perfect notes in a Zettelkasten only adds a huge amount of friction to the note-taking process, and remember: Writing in a Zettelkasten Should Be Frictionless.