Topics: Productivity - Goal

We all have goals, we all have dreams, we all have something we want to achieve. Most of the time we want to achieve that goal because the end result itself, apart from being of value, sounds fun, great or enjoyable.

However, what most people seem to miss is that what we do to achieve those goals should also be fun, great and enjoyable.

If being fit sounds great, but going to the gym sounds like a chore, then you’ll never be fit. If fluently speaking a foreign language sounds fun, but practising and tolerating our own incompetence at it feels like a drag, then you’ll never speak it fluently.

To truly get anything worthwhile done, we also have to make sure that what we do to get there is also worthwhile. We need to enjoy doing what we’re doing just because of itself, not because of its end result.

Find ways to make whatever takes you to your goal fun.