Topics: Notkesto

The Sciujo (Esperanto for “knowledge container”) is the Zettelkasten-oriented section of my Notkesto where I store the knowledge that I obtain.

This is the only section of my Notkesto that’s public. Despite Spanish being my native language, all of the Sciujo is in English.

The Sciujo resides in the aptly named Sciujo folder. Most notes in the Sciujo are Scinotoj, but there are also a few Temomapoj and Kursmapoj that aid in navigating the Sciujo.


The Sciujo as a whole is meant to represent all the knowledge that I currently have and consider relevant enough to write down..

I use the Sciujo as the location to save all the pieces of knowledge about a given topic that are relevant to me. As such, while the knowledge contained within can be useful to other people (hence why it’s public), the notes here are, after all, written by me for me, so some things may not make much sense or be of much relevance for someone else.