Topics: Productivity

When thinking about being productive, it may be easy to think that it’s all about working and tackling task after task all day long. It may be easy to think it’s about doing the most amount of tasks in a day.

It’s not. Being productive is doing the right things in the right amounts of time.

It means prioritising and focusing on what truly matters. A day where you spend only a few hours doing homework that’s just good enough, then meditating, reading and taking care of yourself during the rest of it is a day better spent than a day where you spend the entirety of it working on homework just to have it be absolutely perfect.

That example right there is quite specific because I myself frequently fell into that trap. It can be very easy to lose focus when working on something specific and we may be tempted to go out of our way to make everything perfect, but don’t forget that, generally, 80% of the outcomes only come from 20% of the causes.