Topics: Notkesto - Types of Notes

A Kursnoto (Esperanto for “class note”, pl. Kursnotoj) is the type of note that is taken to (sort of) capture the knowledge and information from a given class or course.

All Kursnotoj make up the Kursujo, alongside all Tasknotoj and a few Folioj.


Kursnotoj are very much like the traditional sequential notes that most people learn to take in school. However, they work very closely with Scinotoj, and as such, have the following considerations:

  1. Any concepts/knowledge that warrant a Scinoto are written down in such a Scinoto. These Scinotoj are then embedded (not linked!) in the Kursnoto.
    • If only a specific section of a Noto was written, only that section is embedded.
  2. Any other information that doesn’t warrant a Noto (explanations, examples, too loose, etc.) is written down directly in the Kursnoto.
  3. Any exercises are simply included within the rest of the note. No special treatment needed. Similarly, course information may be written down anywhere with no special treatment.


All Kursnotoj are kept in the Kursujo Folder, inside the corresponding course folder.

They are titled ”yyyy-mm-dd, [Topic] ([Course Acronym])”, according to the main topic and the date they were created.

Kursnotoj are marked by the 📚 type.