Topics: Self-Improvement

Wanting to fix what’s wrong in our lives is okay, but we have to be careful and ask ourselves if things really are broken, especially after some time has passed and we’ve already taken action to remedy something.

If we constantly remain in this “things got to be fixed” mindset, we may start finding insignificant details troublesome and wanting to “fix” them, even when they’re not important or there’s nothing wrong with them. This can lead to overthinking and overacting, which could actually break things, or to a loss of focus, where we forget why we were doing something in the first place.

It can also obscure all the progress we’ve made, getting us into vicious cycle where we keep thinking we’re stuck in the same hole and we haven’t done much to get out of it. At times, it’s better to just let things happen and look back to see what we’ve achieved already, instead of trying to think on what to do next.

Remember: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.