Topics: Notkesto - Types of Notes

A Tagnoto (Esperanto for “day note”; pl. Tagnotoj) is a note that is used to capture daily thoughts and ideas, along with a general summary of the work that was done within the Notkesto during the day.

Tagnotoj aim to be mostly in French. Tagnotoj are separated in several sections:

  • Arbres (Trees): here’s where I add a link to every Scinoto that was created or edited during the day.

  • Vélos (Bicycles): this is where I add a link to every Kursnoto that was created during the day.

  • Introspection (Insight): this is where I write any important personal insight that I came up with during the day. Non-personal insight or ideas go in Scinotoj.

  • Journal (Journal): this section is the heart of Tagnotoj, where I write how I’m feeling, what I’ve done in the day, or just about anything that comes to mind and want to write down. This section can have subheadings when I’ve had a long day or have several topics to talk about.

The only section that shows up in every single Tagnoto is Journal. The rest only show up when needed.

At the top of every Tagnoto, there’s a Souvenir table that contains links to older Tagnotoj in 6-month increments (i.e. 6 months ago, 1 year ago, 18 months ago, etc.) and a link to the scrobbles I made during that specific day. These links are automatically added by Templater.

Tagnotoj are marked by the 📆 type.