Topics: Notkesto - Types of Notes

A Temomapo (Esperanto for “topic map”; pl. Temomapoj) is a Gvidonoto that is used to link notes together according to an overarching topic (or category).

Temomapoj can be thought of as maps that help traverse the “terrain” that a given topic occupies within the Notkesto.

Kursmapoj are very similar, with their main difference being that they link the notes together according to the course where their topics were learned.

Temomapoj are marked by the 🗺 type.


Temomapoj can link to Scinotoj and other Temomapoj. Temomapoj may contain:

  1. Lists of links by themselves.
  2. Collections of links glued together by prose (such that the relationship between the different notes is explained).

Temomapoj can have subheadings. Temomapoj can also link to external resources that are relevant to the topic.