Topics: Productivity - Motivation

A lot of people often fall into the trap of wanting to feel motivated before doing something. They keep waiting for that motivation, procrastinating until it comes.

The truth is that motivation doesn’t work like that. Sure, motivation can come unexpectedly and when it does, it can be very inspiring.

Most of the time, however, that won’t happen. Motivation can only surely come once we’ve taken action. We will feel inspired once we’ve gotten started and the ball is rolling.

This is what’s behind habit building.

Taking action is the first step. Motivation then comes and keeps us rolling.

L'appétit vient en mangeant

There’s this French phrase that I really like:

L’appétit vient en mangeant.

(Appetite comes by eating.)

I think it summarises nicely this concept. We can’t depend on appetite to get things done. Sometimes we have to start doing things to get an appetite.